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Great product design is just the beginning.


An eye for detail.
A mind for business.

Great industrial design is about more than physical goods. It’s about people—people making the product, people using the product, and all the people in between. At Mvnifest, we never lose sight of that.

Our industrial design studio places as much emphasis on creativity as it does on manufacturability. We consider every step in a product’s lifecycle. Because small design decisions can have large business implications—whether it’s sales, operations, customer service… you name it.

As brand founders ourselves, we know this because we lived it. Now we use all of our experience to develop award-winning products that generate millions of dollars for our clients.


👋 I’m Sam.

When I started GIR, I set out to change the world by changing… the spatula. I knew that a beautifully designed tool made with the highest quality materials and a bit of attitude could improve the way people cook.

That spatula grew into a line of 50+ kitchen products and a thriving business. After GIR was acquired by Pattern Brands in 2021, I wanted to share the knowledge I’d gained to help other brands. Enter Mvnifest.

At Mvnifest, we create innovative products that make life better. And as experts in sourcing, manufacturing, and fulfillment, we know how to design those products so they fit with all the parts of your business.

As a fifth-generation entrepreneur, I live for shaking up the status quo. So let’s start a revolution together.

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