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Mvnifest provides a complete suite of 3PL and fulfillment services to help your business grow.

Hero 3PL Services


DTC eCommerce

DTC eCommerce

With Mvnifest, DTC brands ship smarter and faster. Our proprietary pick-and-pack algorithms and automated order batching help maximize savings and accelerate delivery speeds.

  • 1-day fulfillment target

  • Proprietary pick-and-pack algorithms

  • Over 99% order accuracy

  • Return and exchange management

  • International shipping

Dropship eCommerce

Dropship eCommerce

We streamline dropshipping with hundreds of partner integrations and custom workflows for dropship orders, including branded packaging and marketing collateral.

  • Dropship integrations via EDI, web portals, and CSV feeds

  • Orders ship on time and within retailer SLAs

  • Branded packaging & packing list

  • Third-party shipping accounts integration

  • Dropship returns and exchange management

  • International dropshipping

Small Brick & Mortar Retail

Small Brick & Mortar Retail

Mvnifest gets your products on store shelves efficiently. Our fulfillment team handles barcodes, pre-ticketing, and carton sizing. Ship through your customer’s account or use Mvnifest’s discounted carrier rates.

  • Integrations via EDI, web portals, and CSV feeds

  • UCC-128 and other carton labels

  • Document and instruction processing

  • FTL & LTL order creation

  • Competitive pricing for inner packs and master cartons

Big Box Stores

Big Box Stores

We translate complicated vendor guides into language you understand. From GS1-128 labeling to FTL & LTL routing, Mvnifest knows how to efficiently ship to Nordstrom, Target, and more.

  • Vendor requirement compliance

  • EDI ready

  • GS1-128 carton labeling

  • FTL & LTL routing

  • Barcode, bag, and sticker capabilities

FBA Prep Services

FBA Prep Services

Mvnifest makes sure your orders comply with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) guidelines. With labeling, kitting, repackaging, and replenishments, we get it right the first time so you avoid chargebacks and other issues.

  • Vendor compliance

  • FNSKU item labeling

  • Kitting, stickering, and polybagging

  • FBA order and outbound inventory management

Flash Sales & Crowdfunding

Flash Sales & Crowdfunding

When sales spike, we keep our cool. Whether it’s a PR moment on Good Morning America or a viral Kickstarter campaign, we have experience handling the increased volume and making sure orders go out.

  • Platform & shipping SLA compliance

  • Integrations via EDI, web portals, and CSV feeds

  • Experience with high-volume sales events

  • Custom branded packaging and inserts

  • Tracking updates and direct-to-customer emails


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