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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

We oversee every aspect of your supply chain to keep things running smoothly. With our global network of vetted suppliers, we connect the dots to streamline workflow and lower bill of materials (BOM) costs.

  • Sourcing for all materials and industries

  • Rapid in-house prototyping

  • Supply chain oversight

Direct & Contract Manufacturing

Direct & Contract Manufacturing

Great design and efficient manufacturing do not have to be mutually exclusive. Since we are both designers and manufacturers, we understand how to make sure both needs are met.

  • Tooling and sampling

  • Manufacturing

  • Custom packaging



Great products start with a great plan. We develop comprehensive product roadmaps that account for all the aspects of your business, from finance and marketing to inventory and supplier management.

  • Development of product lifecycle, from procurement to purchasing

  • Monthly and annual capacity planning

  • Production planning

  • Fulfillment planning

Import Oversight

Import Oversight

A lot happens between the factory floor and your customer’s door, and we help with all of it. From scheduling, freight forwarding, and customs, to warehousing and fulfillment from our 47,000 sq ft facility, we get your products where they need to be.

  • Import management

  • Vendor guide compliance planning

  • Warehousing and shipping

  • 47,000 sq ft OSHA-compliant fulfillment center in Las Vegas


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