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Mission control for brands.

And for the people behind them.

A single platform to manage your commerce operations, from concept to customer.

Product and Catalog Data

Omnichannel Orders


Demand Planning & Forecasting

Supply Chain & Freight

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Simplify ops. Supercharge growth.

MvnifestAI handles the operational needs of emerging omnichannel brands and unlocks sales growth.

Catalogs aren’t sexy. But this one is.

A bible for your product data: SKUs and UPCs. Detailed product descriptions. Weights, dimensions, packaging styles, merchandising notes, product specs, images. All the stuff, all in one spot.

Catalogs aren’t sexy. But this one is.

Every order, from everywhere, all at once.

A clearinghouse for orders from all sources of demand. Manage DTC, dropship, marketplaces, flash sales, big box retail, and main street from a single dashboard. This is omnichannel.

Every order,
 from everywhere, 
 all at once.

Inventory, managed.

AI-powered inventory insights, stock availability, depth, bundles, kitting, inbound shipments, and returns. Plus, exception-based processing: system alerts for errors and unexpected events focus your attention where it’s needed.


Not a crystal ball. But close.

Know what to order, when to order it, and who wants it the most. Our AI-powered automations and triggers transform your business insights into actions.

forecasting and demand planning

Supercharge your supply chain.

Order and freight tracking, vendor compliance, retail-ready labeling, lead time trends, messaging and file management, and PO automation. Yeah, we’d call that supercharged.

Advance shipping notice


eCommerce Platforms & Marketplaces.

Mvnifest connects with ecommerce platforms and marketplaces to simplify and automate order fulfillment for your brand.

Freight & Shipping Partners.

Thanks to our longstanding relationships with top carriers, you get the best rates on domestic and international shipping.

EDI Partners.

EDI is a must for selling with big box retailers. Mvnifest partners with leading EDI companies to improve the speed and accuracy of your operations.

Our customers get ship done.

“Mvnifest’s systems allow us to automate workflows and access 40+ sales channels across eComm, dropship, and physical retail. They’ve lowered our costs and unlocked growth opportunities.”

Ted Pfeifer

VP of Operations, Logistics & Distribution, Pattern Brands

“MvnifestAI’s dashboards give insights and visibility into every single shipment, from the moment a PO is issued until it’s delivered to our warehouses.”

Angela Bartolotta

Director, Supply Chain

“Demand planning is crucial for a growing brand—nevertheless, it’s a weak spot for many businesses as they start to scale. MvnifestAI changes the game, like your own built-in planning department.”

Victoria Maynard

SVP of Operations & Finance

Best for brands just getting started 🎉

Catalog / PIM - 50 SKUs

Omnichannel Order Management

Omnichannel Inventory

Inbound Freight Tracking

Single Fulfillment Location

Best for brands with at least $1mm in annual sales 🔥

Everything from the Basic Plan

Catalog / PIM - 150 SKUs

Multi-Location Fulfillment

Supply Chain Manager

AI Demand Forecasting

AI Demand Planner

Best for brands with over $5mm in annual sales 🚀

Everything from the Plus Plan

Catalog / PIM - 300 SKUs

Shipping & Freight Calculator

Catalog Transformation

Algorithmic Kits & Bundles

EDI Connections

Account Manager & Support SLA


It’s your turn.

Create something great.